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Book Review- Margaret Peterson Haddix- Found

Posted by Tony Peters on December 2, 2012 at 10:50 AM

Margaret Peterson Haddix- Found 3.25 Stars


Jonah is thirteen-years-old and wasadopted, but knows nothing about the circumstances of his adoption. Now that heand his new friend Chip have both received foreboding messages within a fewdays of each other, Chip has discovered that he too was adopted. Together withJonah’s sister Katherine, they now must dig into the both of their adoptions tofigure out why they would be receiving these odd messages. Their investigatingwill lead them to many other adopted kids and change everything about theirlife and the way they view it.


This book wasn’t a gripping novel for me,although kids likely would enjoy it. It was just interesting enough to keep mereading, a good one time read. Perhaps it was the science-fiction/futuristicangles that were too much for me. The overall plot was pretty good, but toomany kid’s books do what this one did in the end, left it off so that there hadto be another book, but I am not sure how else they would have been able toleave it. The characters were really well done, she put a lot of effort into theircreation and it shows. It had some good twists in it that were surprising andkind of odd, but also fairly obvious. Normally obvious twists take away fromthe book, but I did not find that with this novel. Overall I do think that kidswould enjoy reading this book/series.



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