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Book Review- Allan Folsom- Day of Confession

Posted by Tony Peters on December 20, 2012 at 11:15 AM

Allan Folsom- Day of Confession 3.75 Stars


The Cardinal Vicar of Rome has just been assassinated and HarryAddison’s brother has been listed as the number one suspect. Harry Addison inLos Angeles, got a concerning message on his answering machine from his brotherwhom he hasn’t spoken to in many years, right before finding out that hisbrother was killed in a bus explosion. Rushing to Italy to bring his brother’s bodyhome, he finds himself being treated as a suspect in the whole plot. Throwinghim into a desperate race to save his own life, and get to the bottom ofthings.


I hadn’t read anything by Folsom for awhile and quite enjoyed the return to his books. The characters were very wellcrafted fitting exactly as needed, I felt like you could actually get to knowthem. I also love how the plot is full of twists and turns, although he tellsyou who the villains are pretty quick. I wish that he had left out most of thevillain stuff, as it would have been a lot more intense not knowing who to lookout for. I also found the constant shift from character to character to drag abit, prefer it when only a couple of characters are focused on, as it I find itto be more nail-biting. The setting was great, who doesn’t want to spend sometime in Italy and Rome? I also would liketo let the author know that I highly doubt makeup would cover up nail scratchesto the face that drew blood. It was a very fast-paced read though, and I wouldrecommend it to thriller fans.


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