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 Kids on a Case: The Case of the Ten Grand Kidnapping


When local trouble maker, Tyler Bowen’s school crush, Kimberly Mockton, gets kidnapped by a gang of hardened criminals he is determined to rescue her. Her kidnapping devastates her entire school and leaves her family distraught and seeking help from the community. Tyler stumbles onto a massive clue when he overhears a conversation at an abandoned house and believes that he’s discovered the location of Kimberly’s kidnappers. He sets out to convince his classmates to help him find and rescue her; the few who believe him form their own group of private investigators.


As they set out on their investigative mission they get help from Police Chief, Goodall, and find themselves hot on the kidnapper’s trail. In order to keep up with the criminals, the kids resort to calculated tactics and adult methods that put their lives in danger. They search deep within themselves to find the strength, determination and perseverance needed to succeed. This crucial mission expands their minds and physical strength to limits they never imagined they had… their young lives are never the same again.


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Book Excerpt

Chapter 1


The Kidnapping



Kimberly Mockton was hiding underneath her desk in the library of her home, the rough brown carpet digging into her pale skin. She hoped she wouldn’t be found by the man and woman looking for her. Shaking like a leaf, she was scared to death, and the completely dark room only added to her fear. She was breathing heavily, and it seemed so loud in the confined space under the desk. Her only hope was that they would not hear it, but she didn’t know how they couldn’t. There was a clicking sound, and a thin beam of light broke through the darkness. The man had a flashlight! He waved it back and forth across the room. The light shone on her foot once, but she didn’t think he had seen it, as he was still searching.

“Little girl? I want to play a game. Do you want to play, too?” he asked, and gave her a second to answer.  When she didn’t, he continued. “I didn’t think you would answer. Your silence to me means yes. So let me explain the game. It’s really quite simple. The game is called Hide and Seek. I say hide and then you reply seek until I manage to find you. You got that?”

He started to walk forward slowly, shining the flashlight under each of the tables, saying hide every couple of seconds. She reached to her right, slowly, until she felt the slivery wooden chair in her hand. She then wrapped her hand around the leg tightly. He continued to walk forward, sweeping the light in front of him until he came to a stop in front of the desk. She could smell his overwhelming cologne and almost gagged. He sneered, and she knew he knew where she was. When he said hide, she jumped up and shouted, “Seek!” and swung the chair at him with all her might.

The chair caught the man mostly in his chest, but the top corner of the back hit his jaw, shattering the chair with a loud crack! and sending pieces everywhere. The flashlight clattered to the ground and rolled under a table as the man fell backwards, knocking books off the shelf. “Turn on the light!” he shouted, as Kim ran for the door.


            Later that evening the phone rang in my house. “Ty? Tyler? Get up and come talk on the phone,” my dad shouted at me from outside my door.

As he turned on my light, my dad’s green eyes were penetrating as he looked right at me from the doorway.

“I’m up, dad. Who’s on the phone?” I asked groggily.

“Mr. Mockton, but don’t make any jokes. This is serious. He wants to ask you something.”

I crawled out from the soft fuzzy warmth of my bed and walked, sloth-like, to the phone. “Hi, Mr. Mockton. You wanted to talk to me?” I asked, half asleep.

            “Do you know where Kim might be? We haven’t found her at home.”               Mr. Mockton was trying to sound calm and was failing miserably.

Now, you may not know who I am—so I will explain. I am Tyler Bowen, and I had the biggest crush on this girl named Kimberley Mockton. Her father is the guy that was waiting for my reply. I was twelve years old, five foot one, and I was always getting into trouble for cooking up little schemes and involving my friends. I had dark blue eyes and straight brown hair about two inches long.

When I answered his question, I had no idea just how involved I would become. But I am getting ahead of myself. Let me start the start from the beginning…


Ten days before any of this happened, a private jet touched down on a runway with just a couple of bumps and some screeching. It slowed smoothly, and then taxied to a halt. Two men sat inside the jet, waiting for a ladder to be brought so that they could exit. They both downed what was left of their drinks. Cad Pesqualotto was thirty-four, a tall skinny man with short wavy black hair, a long black mustache, a long nose, and black eyes that seemed to pierce the heart. Scar was a large man with broad shoulders. Ice cold in his demeanor, he cared about no one and his face showed it—stern and expressionless, his cold black eyes could freeze the sun.

Before they stood, Cad Pesqualotto looked at Scar and asked worriedly, “Are you sure you want to try Donuro again? I mean, you know what happened last year when we tried to kidnap that lady from here. We just barely got away, and we had to leave empty handed. Chief Goodall almost put you away. If it hadn’t been for me, you’d still be in prison or, even worse, you’d have gotten the death penalty.”

            “Yes I know Cad, and I thank you for your long-time friendship and continued loyalty,” Scar replied. “Goodall is exactly why I am coming back. I failed here in Donuro last time and I won’t fail again. He embarrassed me once, and that will be his last time.”

            They both stood up as the ladder arrived. It clanged noisily against the side of the plane, and the side door opened. Hot, steamy summer air shimmered off the tarmac entrancingly, blasting them both. They could almost taste the mixture of rubber and gasoline as the stench entered their nostrils. As they walked down the ladder, feet echoing metallically against the stairs, Cad spoke again. “I have a bad feeling about this. I’ve never had bad feelings about jobs before.”

            At the bottom, Scar turned and looked at his friend. “Don’t worry, Cad. No one has ever convicted me before, and I don’t plan to let that change. You just see that you do your part. Now let’s go see who you found to help us.”

            He then turned and walked into the Donuro Airport, where there was a limousine waiting outside. He followed Cad as they stepped inside the midnight-black vehicle, and they drove off towards the hotel where Scar had booked a room.


            Inside the room, two men and one woman waited impatiently. Jane Shelbourne had spent time in Juvenile Detention when she was thirteen for stabbing and robbing an elderly man. She knew that when it came time for the payout, she would kill these two and take their share for herself.

Clay Sparrow was not particularly ruthless and disliked the company he was keeping here. He had heard about Jane and wanted no part of her. He had spent the past five years in prison for armed robbery, and prison had just made him tougher.

Dwayne Pearsall stared at these two people whom he would have to work with, and he despised them both. He had also spent time in Juvenile Detention when he was fifteen. He had stolen money from one of his teachers and, when she had confronted him, he had tried to stab her. She had overpowered him and called the police.

“When will they be here?” Pearsall demanded impatiently.

“Not soon enough. Now keep your mouth shut,” Jane snapped in reply, crossing her arms impatiently.

The room was silent for another ten minutes before Scar and Pesqualotto arrived. When they entered, they were overwhelmed by the scent of cleaning supplies—the place had that lemon fresh smell. They asked the three who were there some questions and told them what they had planned. “If any of you chooses not to accept the job, the door is there,” Pesqualotto said, pointing.

“You’d kill us if we tried to leave. We know too much. I’m in,” Sparrow said.

The other two nodded their agreement, and Scar laid a crinkled map of Donuro on the table. He circled an area around a school. “This is the target area. It’s a residential school zone. Most places in this area have children.

My client is very important, and he is willing to pay nine thousand for a young girl to be his slave. By young, he means ten to fourteen. He lives in Smatheb on the continent of Manadian. First we’ll try to get a ransom of ten grand for the kid. If the family can’t pay it, then we’ll sell her to my client. If we do manage to get the ransom, we’ll return the kid and find a different city to capture a young slave. We’ll keep this up until someone doesn’t pay. We aren’t asking for much because we’ve found that we’re more likely to get a small ransom than a large one.”

“Jane and Pearsall will be responsible for finding the area that’s most suitable for a kidnapping, and then they’ll find a kid and watch that kid’s home. You will figure out a complete schedule. I want to know when the parents are or aren’t home. You will have one day to find a suitable area and one week to figure out a schedule. Then, the two of you will come to this hotel room, where we’ll develop a plan of attack. I’ll go along with you to do the actual kidnapping.

“Sparrow will be responsible for finding a place we can store the girl. You have the same amount of time as they have. Then you will come back here, and you will inform Scar. If he likes your location, you will get the place ready,” Pesqualotto ordered, explaining everyone’s roles. “Questions anyone?”

When no one answered, he turned around. “Then get to it. See you guys again in eight days.”


Eight days later, there was a resounding knock on the hotel room door. Pesqualotto answered the door. Pearsall was standing there, his cologne scent wafting in. Pesqualotto invited him in. “Where’s Jane?”

 “She’s parking the van.” Pearsall slipped into the room and closed the door behind him. “Listen, that woman is crazy. You’d better watch yourselves with her. She’ll try to kill me when this is over, and I bet she’ll try to kill both of you as well,” Pearsall said, visibly worried.

There was another knock, and in walked Jane, looking just as sour as when Pesqualotto had first seen her. He knew that he would have to kill her when this was over, but for the time being she was too valuable.

“Sparrow’s coming. He was in the lobby when I got into the elevator. He almost made it into the elevator, but I closed the doors on him,” Jane said smugly.

Sparrow came in a couple of minutes later, fuming mad. “That wasn’t very nice of you, you sour old hag!” Sparrow shouted at Jane.

She pulled her gun from under her smooth burgundy leather coat and aimed it menacingly at Sparrow’s head. “Call me an old hag again…!”

They all heard vicious laughter coming from the bathroom doorway that sent cold shivers down their spines, and they turned in unison. “I’m glad to see we’re getting along so well. For now, I need you all alive. Afterwards, I don’t care what you do to one another. But for now, control your tempers,” Scar said, looming large in the bathroom doorway.

Jane put away her gun and walked over to the table with the map. “This street has the least activity on it. This house here has a little girl the right age. Her parents work over here and don’t get home until late, and she has no siblings. It’s the perfect kidnapping situation,” Jane explained, pointing to locations on the map as she spoke.

“Pearsall? Do you agree with Jane?” Pesqualotto asked.

“Good work,” he told them, when Pearsall nodded. They agreed to pick him up from the hotel the following day and then left.

“We have our target,” Pesqualotto stated.

Scar nodded happily. “Yes, it’s all coming together quite well.” He turned to Sparrow, who had been relaxing in a chair since his arrival. “Did you find a hideout for the three of you?”

Sparrow got up and walked to the map. He pointed to a house not far from the school. “That house is the only possible place. I don’t like it, but it’s the only place. I snuck into it last night. It’s been abandoned for what looks like years, and I stumbled upon a cellar. So, if we stick a chair and a candle down in the cellar, we can keep the girl there.”

Scar and Pesqualotto both nodded. “It will do. Good work. You can go there tonight and get it set up. Stay here until then. Park your car up the alley somewhere, so no one suspects you’re in the house. We’ll have to abandon the van after we grab the girl, so your vehicle will be needed to drive. Good thing you guys picked that van up for cheap,” Scar said.